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FREE DOWNLOAD: Equip yourself with our child safety toolkit

Amid 409 recommendations following the royal commission into instiutional child abuse, we've produced a guide, checklists and sample policies to make child safety easy. Download it now. It's the right thing to do.

POWER IN UNITY: Cooperate to propagate

If your organisation is made up of good people who always do what's right, then when other organisations tell you they need help, you co-operate with them. Our Community's managing director Denis Moriarty explains in the latest Our Community Matters

THEY SAID IT: How to make collaboration work

If we want to make a difference, if we want to overcome disadvantage, if we want all Australians to share in the prosperity of this country, then we've got to do some of these things, says Professor David MacKenzie, who joins a group of experts and leaders who have their say about collaboration that works in the April edition of Our Community Matters

DATA: Astrophysicist turns to the grants universe

Galaxy formation? That's nothing. Try understanding the impact of grants. Dr Paola Oliva-Altamirano, an astrophysicist, astronomer, and specialist in the creation of galaxies over billions of years, has turned her attention to something harder - data science for the social sector.

STUNNING: The Geelong Project's collaboration breakthrough

How a small city slashed homelessness, boosted school results and became a model for the world through collaboration.

COMMUNTITY: Kensington Backyard Sessions bringing people together

Community spirit is brewing in the backyards of Kensington, Melbourne, and the neighbourhood is growing together and giving back.

SECURITY: How to manage passwords in your organisation

Our Community's Alex McMillan provides tips on how to prevent the problem of stolen passwords, and how to react if your passwords are compromised.

CROWDRAISE: Fundraising tool gives people the power, for less

GiveNow's latest tool lets individuals and groups create their own pages for fundraising.

COLLABORATION: Community Directors Intelligence tells you how

We've spoken to legal and academic types, change merchants, not-for-profit movers and shakers, scrutinised case studies, and dipped into our library of resources to bring you this dossier all about how collaboration will help you survive tough times, and perform better. (ICDA member publication)

PARTNERSHIPS: The Impact Assembly's change agenda

Collaboration between community, not-for-profits, business, government and philanthropy is the only way we'll solve our biggest problems, the chief of a social enterprise dedicated to joint effort says.


We it down for a chat with SmartyGrants principal trainer, Gina Cirillo, and learn what zoos, maps and online grants managements systems have in common.

CONNECTIONS: 50 hot tips for finding the right business partner

We dip into the Our Community library of resources to bring you this useful extract from More than Money: How to get money, resources and skills from Australian business.

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Council meets to boost directors' credentials

Following the first meeting of the new Community Directors Council, Chair Susan Pascoe says she envisages that under the guidance of the eminent 11-member board, ICDA will become a "beacon" of good governance for community directors. Here's why.

SECTOR TRENDS: The big issues for not-for-profits

Advocacy, mergers, finances, regulations, the NDIS, the mission and more: we asked some key sector players, including Susan Pascoe, Jocelyn Bignold and the experts at Moores, what's on the top of board agendas right now.

DATA SAFETY: What you must do to comply with new data breach laws

AUSTRALIAN not-for-profits must comply with new laws that require them to notify authorities if they've had a significant data breach.

ON ADVOCACY: When it's time to speak out

Your organisation may not be into advocacy at the moment, but sooner or later something's going to come up that needs fixing. When something's not all right, at whatever level, it's time to speak out, writes Our Community's Denis Moriarty.

HELP SHEET: The 12 rules of advocacy

When you're ramping up your advocacy efforts, ensure you're following a few key pieces of advice to keep your campaign rumbling.

STAND STRONG: Why advocacy is crucial for not-for-profits

The Community Council for Australia's David Crosbie says not-for-profits and charities must resist any attempts to erode their power to advocate for change, because community-minded groups taking their mission seriously need to use every tool they have to achieve those goals.

DATA FOCUS: New not-for-profit chief's advocacy warning

ACNC Commissioner Gary Johns warns not-for-profits that their ability to advocate has limits, and explains how he'll use data to allow "the market" to decide which groups flourish.

CHARITY SHAKEUP: So what do US tax changes mean for us?

US charities stand to lose billions from changes to US tax laws on deductions. What would the effect be here?

PEOPLE POWER: How GetUp grabbed your attention

We spoke to GetUp's Impact Director, Kelsey Cooke, for the inside track on the organisation's campaigning successes, and how you can follow suit.

ADVOCACY TOOLKIT: How to change a law

Our thinker-in-residence takes you step by step through the process of changing a law in Australia, and how to influence this process

THINKING AHEAD: Our Community House announced

Our Community team up with social investors in a new project set to accelerate social impact in Australia.

TOP TALENT: Community Directors Council a boost for good governance

Ten top not-for-profit advocates and thinkers join Susan Pascoe as formation members of the Community Directors Council.

ETHICAL DECISIONS: Get help with a free independent helpline

The Ethics Centre's Ethi-Call provides around-the-clock access to tools to help you make ethical decisions. Here's how.

GREAT QUOTES: Mobilising the grassroots to create change

A taste of the high-energy panel session from the 2017 Communities in Control Conference in which top activists share their secrets.

PILOT PROJECT: Our data scientists are looking for a perfect match

Our Community is looking for a project to feed to our Innovation Lab, with the organisation selected winning free data science knowledge and expertise. Click here for details.

FUNDING INSIGHTS: Enter our grants survey now and win

The Grants in Australia 2018 survey is now open. Tell us what you really think about your grantseeking experiences, and be in the running for nearly $2000 in prizes.

ADVICE: How to communicate with clout

Lynne Haultain explains why communication has become "absolutely critical" for not-for-profits, and offers advice on how to get a message across.

CHILD SAFETY: How Royal Commission into child abuse affects you

Moores' lawyer Catherine Brooks helps not-for-profits come to grips with the Royal Commission's final report into institutional child sex abuse.


We chat to actor-turned-trainer, Richard Edge, about what he's learned about community organisations in the short time he's been with us. And, who'd play him in Hollywood.

DATA DRIVE: CLASSIE system has new bells and whistles

The newest release of Our Community's data taxonomy CLASSIE incorporates feedback received by grantmakers. Here's the latest updates.

GREAT GRANT: Holden Home Ground Advantage

A close look at the Our Community Matters' spotlight grant from the first edition of 2018.

BOYCOTT: Why Our Community agrees it's time to change the date

Our Community has joined the chorus of Indigenous, community and business leaders urging the Australian Government to change the date of Australia Day.

ORDER OF AUSTRALIA: Unrepresentative, uncaring, unchanged

Denis Moriarty responds to Honour a Woman in their recent push for the Federal Government to introduce gender targets into the Australian honours system.

SAVE THE DATE: Communities in Control Conference

Prominent thinkers, doers, and activists of all kinds, including Stan Grant, Annabel Crabb, Phillip Wollen, Kathy Kelly and Hugh McKay, tackle inequality at our next Communities in Control conference, May 28-29. Register now.

TAX RULING: Decision less taxing on directors' decisions

Community directors can breathe easier following a significant tax ruling brokered by Our Community's Institute of Community Directors Australia (ICDA).

SOCIAL IMPACT: Airbnb turns to community groups

Airbnb's new social impact experiences offer an opportunity for guests and visitors to interact with locals and gain access to people, places and activities they could not find on there own. Read to find out more.

MEET THE TRAINER: Patrick Moriarty

We spoke to the man behind many of Our Community's training courses, to find out more about his training style, experiences and thoughts.

HELP SHEET: Eighteen tech tools for the 2018 not-for-profit

If you're running behind 21st-century tech, make 2018 the year you catch up and get on top. There's a truckload of useful apps and platforms to help your community group work more smoothly and efficiently.

FIRST PERSON: Random Hacks of Kindness

Random Hacks of Kindness is a conglomeration of technologists and community-sector professionals whose mission is to design tech for good. Alex McMillan attended their "hackathon" in Melbourne last month to find out what they're all about.

HEALTHY COMMUNITIES: How are your community's Vital Signs?

Understanding what's really going on in your community is perhaps the most important thing you can do before you step in to help. Here's how community foundations are showing the way forward with Vital Signs reports.

MAPPING SOCIAL COHESION: We're still sticking together, just

A landmark report into Australia's social cohesion shows that while Aussies are still a tolerant and welcoming bunch overall, they're increasingly turning their backs on politicians, asylum seekers, minority groups and the looming environmental threat.

FUNDRAISING LESSONS: Why loyalty is such a powerful motivator

The latest figures on giving reveal how important it is to nurture the loyalty of your supporters, whether they're volunteers, donors or future benefactors.

GLOBAL BATTLE: Community groups the frontline of inequality fight

Leading US philanthropist Mae Hong says the world's political turmoil is a wake-up call for the community sector, who as the "guardians of good face a battle like no other to hold the line against powerful forces eroding civil society.

GOVERNANCE: Community directors' scholarships open doors

One of the latest students of the Diploma of Business (Governance), awarded a scholarship under a community leaders program, says the course has "far exceeded" her expectations.

RESOURCES: IT help - free, discounted, donated

Here's where not-for-profits can access discounted, donated or free software, hardware and training.

FUNDRAISING: Spread the load to build financial sustainability

You're a mission-focused organisation, and your mission is long term. Your funding and your funding strategy should focus on the long term as well. The long term has to cover good times and ad times. You have to be able to survive both droughts and floods. Diversify with the seven pillars.

ADVICE: Top five financial questions for not-for-profits

Knowing how to assess an organisation's finances is something that many people without accounting degrees struggle with. David Sharpe, director of advisory and consulting at Generate, helps answer your questions.

RSL's finance battle a lesson for us all

Knowing how to assess an organisation's finances is something that many people without accounting degrees struggle with. David Sharpe, director of advisory and consulting at Generate, helps answer your questions.

SUSAN PASCOE: Top regulator joins forces with Our Community

You probably already know Susan Pascoe has joined Our Community as the inaugural chair of the Community Directors Council. But we thought you'd like to know a bit more about her!

TAKE THE TEST: Volunteer's map to safe financial harbour

Volunteer treasurer Sinead Glennon, a joint winner of the Not-for-Profit Treasurers' Awards, has developed an online financial health test for not-for-profit groups. Try it now!

FUNDING: Reversal of post-GFC grants slump tipped

Philanthropic grantmaker Caitriona Fay, of Perpetual, commenting on our Grants in Australia 2017 report, has begun to see a reversal of a funding slump.

CENSUS: Five ways the census is gold for your community group

Think the census was useless? Think again! We've found five useful ways to use the census data to your organisation's advantage.

GRANTS: Study into multi-billion dollar sector reveals winners, losers

Large organisations are winning small grants as well as big ones, pressure is building on local government, and a huge amount of effort is being wasted on grant applications that are abandoned, the Grants in Australia 2017 research study reveals.

DATA BLOG: Data is the new oil, and we've got to start drilling

Our Community's managing director Denis Moriarty explains how we want to make sure the social sector doesn't miss out on grasping the possibilities presented by these new tools.

NUMBER CRUNCHING: Grants survey - the quest for perfection continues

Data science + subject matter expertise + data communication skills = powerful insights, and what else we've learnt from the Grants in Australia 2017 study.

NFP ADVICE: Seven tips for paying your organisation's super

A new booklet produced by HESTA in partnership with Our Community helps to make it super-simple for community sector employers to meet their superannuation payment obligations.

PODCAST: NFPs, why it's time to get out of your comfort zone

Young entrepreneur Holly Ransom says being a small organisation doesn't mean you can't be behind a big impact, if you know how to make change happen. (From the latest edition of Board Builder)

BACK TO BASICS: Ten tips to keep your group compliant

Our Community has come up with this hit list of ways to ensure your group remains on the straight and narrow from the dangers of late reports to knowing who is really responsible.

TIME WASTER: Grant survey shock a wake-up call for not-for-profits

Billions of dollars in grants are disbursed in Australia each year, yet grantseekers are spending precious time applying for funding they'll never get, with new figures revealing least 54% of applicants have pulled out of a grant application before finishing it.

ART OF THE DECISION: Good governance a foundation for great art

If you're a leader in an arts organisation, you'll be interested in this series of workshops and free webinars tailored for the sector by Our Community's Institute of Community Directors Australia (ICDA) and the Australia Council for the Arts. The council identified gaps in governance, and the new courses will help organisations build stronger structures and better processes.

NEW STRATEGY: Money-making for not-for-profits

Making a profit and doing good were once considered mutually exclusive, particularly by not-for-profits. But things are changing as social enterprises, which aim to sustain their mission by trading for profit, continue to sprout across the globe.

PODCAST: Data for beginners

In this episode, Our Community executive director Kathy Richardson speaks with US data scientist Andrew Means about how not-for-profit groups can get started in harnessing the opportunities of data, while avoiding the risks.

FIRST PERSON: Five roles every not-for-profit needs

Google employs "Geniuses" instead of programmers, and the Our Community office boasts a "Chaos Controller" and a "Thinker-in-Residence", with one of her friends - a full-time mum - referring to herself as "Household CEO", it got our social media whizz Alex McMillan thinking about job titles in the not-for-profit world.